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High CBG Marijuana Seeds for Sale Online

High CBG Cannabis Seeds contain Cannabigerol or CBG and is thought to have great medical potential. Being a relatively new discovery in the cannabis world, scientists are looking to this compound eagerly for use against superbugs and cancer killing properties. The main allure aside from its scientific research, is that the THC levels found in High CBG Cannabis are below 0.2%. High CBG cannabis strains, grow into a medium sized plant with large harvest potential. The plant grows rapidly needing only around 7 weeks of flowering time for its maximum potential. Unlike High THC cannabis, the scent is weak and almost has no smell entirely throughout the growing process. You can expect buds that are frosted, but not sticky - as stickiness is associated with THC and CBD cannabis strains. The flowers look like your average cannabis buds with the same structure and appearance. Cannabigerol, or ‘CBG’, is one of the many cannabinoids made by the cannabis plant. CBG is the non-acidic version of cannabigerolic acid. During the growth of the cannabis plant, CBG is an incredibly important pre-cursor. Without CBG, the cannabis plant cannot go on to synthesize crucial components such as THC and CBD. Medically speaking, High CBG cannabis strains are being used for colitis and IBS showing promising effects for individuals who have gut issues, as well as incredible anti-inflammatory results. High CBG cannabis is non-psychoactive, like its cousin CBD. High CBG cannabis strains are photoperiod that can be grown indoor, outdoor, and in a greenhouse. High CBG cannabis strains have a flowering period of 10-12 weeks for indoor and outdoor grows alike. High CBG cannabis has the incredible potential to be a super cannabinoid and at Best Bud Seeds, we are delighted to carry a variety of High CBG Cannabis Seeds for you to grow and cultivate.