CBC BaOx II Non-Feminized Seeds

Non-Feminized CBC BaOX II is a popular hemp strain with lineage direct from the Hindu Kush mountain range. As such, this potent strain leans heavily Indica, as evident in her growing patterns and heavy dusting of cannabinoid-rich trichomes.
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CBC BaOx II Non-Feminized Strain Details


Non-Feminized CBC BaOX II is a popular hemp strain with lineage direct from the Hindu Kush mountain range. As such, this potent strain leans heavily Indica, evident from a heavy dusting of cannabinoid-rich trichomes and unique growing tendencies. Non-Feminized CBC BaOX II hemp seeds grow to produce massive colas with a kaleidoscope of deep green and purple colors. This strains aromas are rich, filled with sweet pine musk and her flavor is reminiscent of incense and herbs. This powerful combination of terpenes and cannabinoids lend themselves to a range of therapeutic properties. It’s easy to see why Non-Feminized CBC BaOX II are among the most popular hemp seeds on the cannabis market. Please note: Non-Feminized CBC BaOx II does not have the guarantee to grow female cannabis only.


CBC BaOx II was born when combined Hindu Kush and Otto II, it was then selective bred for high CBC expression. The potent Hindu Kush lineage is a 100 percent Indica landrace strain that came directly from the Hindu Kush mountains. As such, she survives variable weather with her short, bushy growth and quick maturity rate. Flowering buds quickly develop a thick coat of trichomes to protect the plant from drastic temperature changes. Hindu Kush flowers and leaves may also develop deeper colored pigmentation from cold temperatures as another means of evolutionary protection.


CBC BaOx II is a low THC hybrid strain that grows large and fast. A strong Indica profile is evident through the variety of colors and tendency to react to variable environmental conditions. CBC BaOx II reaches total maturity in less than 74 days indoors, though an extended lifespan may result in increased THC levels (if that’s what you’re looking for). To remain compliant with USDA hemp farming rules, farmers should test CBC BaOx II plants during the last week of August or the first week of September. Though places like Colorado require harvest reports no more than 30 days before harvest, other state hemp laws differ.



As an Indica heavy strain, BaOx II hemp is perfect for those in need of strong pain relief. It is a heavy hitter, though, and therefore best reserved for evening consumption or days during which ample naptime is available. Consumers often refer to BaOx II as the “feel good strain” thanks to the ability to address such a wide range of ailments without weighing the user down or causing an uncomfortable groggy sensation.


Those who suffer from chronic conditions like stress and anxiety, arthritis, insomnia, and gastrointestinal problems will find special benefit from consuming this strain. Additionally, when used topically, it can also help treat minor skin imperfections like rashes, sun burns, and acne.


Its lemon and wood flavor explode on your taste buds, reminding many users of the famous Pinesol cleaner.


Limonene is the dominant terpene in Non-Feminized CBC BaOx II, providing the bold lemon flavors and scents.