Sativa Marijuana Seeds for Sale Online

Sativa Cannabis Seeds are known for creating strong psychoactive mental effects on the consumer without the drowsiness that comes with Indica or Indica-dominant hybrids. Sativa cannabis plants are known to grow very tall, sometimes reaching up to 15 feet in height. Sativa cannabis plants typically have thinner and longer leaves than the other cannabis strain types. Sativa cannabis seeds are soft and will not have any markings on them. You’ll also notice that your yield amount is lighter than a similarly sized Indica cannabis plant since the growth pattern is not as dense. Sativa cannabis is native to the tropics like parts of South America and Asia, for you as the grower this means that Sativa plants tend to flower longer – much longer than Indica, which is from a harsher climate. Sativa cannabis strains and hybrids high in Sativa levels provide a more energetic effect than what you would experience consuming Indica cannabis. Consuming Sativa is less likely to result in a feeling of a high, and more likely to be invigorating, opening you up to fresh ideas. Many creative individuals enjoy using Sativa to help get the creative spark they are looking for. Sativa is recommended to be used more for conditions such as fatigue, depression, and ADHD as opposed to pain relief - this is because it has the effect of keeping you more alert. Indica may be easier to grow for many reasons, but Sativa cannabis seeds have many advantages above growing Indica cannabis. Sativa plants do not stay in the vegetative state as long meaning cannabis Sativa seeds are cheaper to grow indoors, because of not having to use as much lighting and heating resources during your grow. Sativa cannabis plants are also great for handling humidity and heat, making it the ideal summer strain. Since Sativa cannabis plants can grow extremely tall, we recommend an outdoor grow for these cannabis seeds. Sativa cannabis strains are extremely sensitive to the cold and have extreme difficulty with root zone pH, water quality, and sub-standard nutrition efforts. Best Bud Seeds provides you with high-quality Sativa Cannabis Seeds at a fraction of the cost at other online cannabis seed banks.