Animal Cookie Strains Cannabis Seeds

animal cookie seeds Are you looking at trying a unique strain? Animal Cookie Seeds from Best Bud Seeds are sure to be that and more! Our Animal Cookie strains are cross bred with some of the most rare and unique genetics on the market. You won't find an Animal Cookies cannabis seed strain on the web with THC percentages higher than 22%, but that is no longer the case. Best Bud Seeds has cultivated Animal Cookies cross strains to be more potent, and more flexible. Here you will find Sativa dominant, 50/50, and Indica dominant Animal Cookie Cannabis Seeds available to buy online. Animal Cookies is a strain most popular for being a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG, one Hybrid parent, and one Indica parent. The average height for Animal Cookies strains varies, as to what they are bred with on Best Bud Seeds - but you could be looking at an average of 78+ inches in height. The average yield is anywhere from 3 to 6oz per square foot. What are you waiting for? Order your Animal Cookie Seeds today!

Animal Cookie Strains Marijuana Seeds for Sale Online