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Sour Diesel Strain Genetics & Grow Details Best Bud Seeds Online Seed BankSour Diesel, also known as "Sour D" and "Sour Deez," is one of the most popular marijuana strains made by crossing Chemdawg and Super Skunk. Sour Diesels effects are dreamy, cerebral, fast and uplifting. This strain features a pungent flavor profile that smells exactly like diesel. Medical patients choose Sour Diesel to help relieve symptoms associated with depression, pain, and stress. Sour Diesel’s lineage contains a little mystery. Researchers suspect that it was created accidentally from strains in the Chemdawg and OG Kush line. Particularly, Chemdawg 91 is suspected as a likely parent, along with possible candidates like DNL and Massachusetts Super Skunk. Sour Diesel tends to grow tall and lanky and releasing pungent odors into your indoor garden, almost like a delicious skunk bomb. Sour Diesel is always in demand at your local dispensary because its flower time takes a bit longer than other strains. After 8-10 weeks of flowering, the Sour Diesel buds mature into one of the most potent marijuana breeds available, dripping in golden, glittering trichomes. The elongated flowering times also means bigger yields - half a pound or more per plant for indoor growers and up to five pounds when grown outdoors. Sour Diesel was bred in California, therefore it thrives on the coast of California and Spain, and the ideal time to harvest is October in the Northern Hemisphere. There’s no wonder why Sour Diesel has such a reputation, after all it is an award winning strain. Best Bud Seeds Sour Diesel cannabis seed strains provide cannabis growers the chance to grow some of the highest quality and unique genetics at a fraction of the price across the web. Sour Diesel cannabis seed strains are for the grower that loves a good Sativa to grow at the end of the day, and ideally has a nice big back yard to grow in.

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