Indica Marijuana Seeds for Sale Online

Indica Cannabis Seeds are known to produce some of the most potent, fragrant, and medically beneficial cannabis available on the market today. Indica cannabis produces higher THC as well as being a more potent medicine for patients looking for stronger pain relief in cannabis. Indica cannabis is more resilient than other cannabis types because it had adapted to its native growing environment in countries like Afghanistan, India, Turkey and Morocco - usually dry and hotter climates. Indica cannabis plants are typically short and bushy with fat, stubby leaves, and dense flowers. Indica cannabis strains tend to flower much faster and yield much higher than sativa cannabis plants. Indica cannabis seeds are mainly used to produce medical marijuana solutions for the treatment of medical issues such as anxiety, chronic pain, sleep disorders, migraines, headaches, and even seizures. Due to their naturally short and compact stature and fast harvest time, Indica cannabis seeds are perfect for growing indoors and small outdoor spaces. Indica cannabis seeds are known to produce more THC levels than Sativa cannabis seeds - which is responsible for the psychoactive effect, creating the mental head buzz. Indica cannabis plants prefer higher altitude and cooler climate and grow to a maximum of 6ft. Although, Indica cannabis plants are known to stay level at 4ft or so. Indica cannabis plants are extremely resilient and handle harsher weather better than Sativa, but we recommend growing them indoors. We also recommend using the SOG (sea of green) method to train your plants to increase your yields. Indica cannabis plants are also known to flower much faster than Sativa - generally needing between 60-90 days of flowering. Indica cannabis seeds require much less, generally 45-60 days to flower. Best Bud Seeds offers fully feminized and regular varieties of Indica Cannabis Seeds for you to grow.