Beginner Grow Marijuana Seed Bundle

Five 5-packs (total of 25 seeds per bundle) of our easiest strains to grow!
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Beginner Grow Marijuana Seed Bundle Details

Sour Cookies (Larry OG X Animal Cookies)

Sour Cookies is our cross between Larry OG and Animal Cookies, its gorgeous minty green buds frosted in an abundance of trichomes and amber hairs are lush and create feelings of happiness, productivity, and being stress free.

5 Pack of Seeds

Cookie Dream (Blue Dream X Animal Cookies)

Cookie Dream is a new and exclusive Best Bud Seeds strain combining one of the most popular strains Blue Dream, and Animal Cookies. This provides an intense cerebral high and great medicinal benefits from its higher CBD percentage.

5 Pack of Seeds

Animal Glue (GG #4 X Animal Cookies)

Animal Glue is the potent collaboration of parent strains Animal Cookies x Gorilla Glue (GG#4) that produces gorgeous buds with an exponentially high THC level that is sure to have you glued to your couch in ultimate euphoria.

5 Pack of Seeds

Purple Wedding Cake (Wedding Cake X Purple Punch)

Purple Wedding Cake is the combination of Wedding Cake and Purple Punch, creating a tasty vanilla-lemon hybrid strain that's high in THC and medicinal effects. It has beautiful green and purple buds that are trickling with white frosty trichomes and orange pistils. Purple Wedding Cake is exclusively sold on Best Bud Seeds as it was engineered by our growers in-house.

5 Pack of Seeds

Wedding Cookies (Wedding Cake X Animal Cookies)

Wedding Cookies is jammed pack with benefits, hailing from parent strains Wedding Cake and Animal Cookies. This strain produces thick, dense buds that are slightly purple in color. It’s High THC content creates a chill euphoria that’s perfect for a night in watching movies or going out and relaxing in nature.

5 Pack of Seeds

1 review for Beginner Grow Marijuana Seed Bundle

  1. Shannon Dank

    I used this bundle for my first time growing weed at home, and it was so perfect and easy. Thanks!

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