Feminized Marijuana Seeds for Sale Online

Feminized Cannabis Seeds guarantee a predictable grow, making our variety of cannabis seeds stable and rewarding for you as the grower. Expect high volumes of cannabinoid-rich buds with Feminized Seeds that do not risk the work you’ve put in as the grower. Feminized Seeds are a way of insuring that your grow will produce buds, and not seeds. Why are feminized seeds so important? This is because male cannabis plants pollinate, and pollination causes plants to make seeds as opposed to buds. Sometimes, pollination could cause you to get a hermaphrodite plant that produces both buds and seeds, but at this point it was an entire waste of time and effort since the buds would be laden with undesired seeds; thus, a grow you would completely have to throw away. Best Bud Seeds comprehensive selection of Feminized Cannabis Seeds has been bred by our experts to produce only female cannabis plants. Female cannabis plants are guaranteed to provide cannabinoid-rich flowers without any mishaps. Feminized Seeds mean the elimination of male chromosomes all together, so they only produce female cannabis plants rather than male and female cannabis plants. Feminized seeds are created using the female plants which have received a special hormone treatment called gigerell-acid. Once these cannabis plants have been fertilized using this male-blocking hormone, the female plants will only generate cannabis seeds which are 100% female. This means the production of beautiful buds, whether Indica, Sativa, Hybrid or CBD variants. We know that as a grower, no matter how large or small your grow is – you do not want it to be compromised by male cannabis plants pollinating your female cannabis plants and ruining all of your efforts. Best Bud Seeds is proud to carry a wide selection of Feminized Cannabis Seeds for your ease as a cannabis grower.