Outdoor Marijuana Seeds for Sale Online

Outdoor cannabis seeds are extremely straightforward, as you just need to plant them, do the bare minimum, and leave the rest to nature. There are many factors to growing cannabis outdoors such as climate, humidity, temperature, and sunlight. Outdoor cannabis seeds are a great option for the grower looking for a cheaper and easier grow, perfect for first timer cannabis growers or beginner cannabis growers. Choosing the right outdoor cannabis seeds is crucial and will make or break your cannabis crop. Outdoor cannabis seeds do have the benefit to be environmentally friendly without using electricity and other utilities, as well as the potential for higher yields because of the access to natural sunlight. Outdoor cannabis is also a great option for the grower on a budget since their nutrients and C02 is free from nature. Outdoor cannabis is also known to have very distinct buds that are different from Indoor cannabis buds, resulting in a more natural flavor and scent. Outdoor cannabis needs at least 5 hours of direct sunlight in the morning hours and filtered sunlight in the later afternoon hours. It is also important not to exceed 86 degrees Fahrenheit as that can be harmful to your outdoor plants and can fry and dehydrate them. It is ideal to place your outdoor cannabis crop somewhere that has a natural exposure to breeze for C02 consumption, but also be cautious as this can mean having to water your cannabis plants more. Outdoor cannabis plants are relatively easy to grow, and great for beginner growers alike - but they are susceptible to theft and may not be legal to grow outdoors in your state. Best Bud Seeds offers top quality Outdoor Cannabis Seeds in a variety of types such as Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid for your options as a cannabis grower.