Fruity Terpenes Marijuana Seed Bundle

Five 5-packs (total of 25 seeds per bundle) of our strains that contain terpenes that give off a fruity aroma and taste sweet when smoked!
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Fruity Terpenes Marijuana Seed Bundle Details

Lemon Cookies (Lemon Tree X Animal Cookies)

Lemon Cookies is a powerful cross strain containing both Lemon Tree and Animal Cookies. Its enticing buds are darker in color, and very fragrant of lemons. This strain creates a warm body high and sensations of maximum comfort and relaxation.

5 Pack of Seeds

Tropical Cookies (Black Banana Cookies X Animal Cookies)

Tropical Cookies is the enticing combo of Black Banana Cookies and Animal Cookies. It’s sweet, fruity, and a potent pain killer and hunger inducer. Growers love this strain as it is gorgeous with its darkened purple buds frosted with trichomes and orange hairs.

5 Pack of Seeds

Sour Punch (Sour Diesel X Purple Punch)

Sour Punch is the combination of both Purple Punch and Sour Diesel. This makes for a 50/50 Indica-Sativa hybrid that's famous for cerebral euphoria paired with strong flavors and aromas. This High THC hybrid is exclusive to Best Bud Seeds, since our growers engineered this strain in-house. We are the only online cannabis seed bank that has this hybrid combination of Sour Punch seeds for sale.

5 Pack of Seeds

Cookies & Cream (Chem de la Chem X Animal Cookies)

Cookies & Cream is sweet, creamy, and earthy. This combination is from parent strains Animal Cookies and Chem de la Chem, making super sweet and dense buds that create focus on your daily tasks, as well as potent pain relief.

5 Pack of Seeds

CBD Cherry Feminized

Feminized CBD Cherry is a cross between The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries. It is a very sweet strain with abundant growth capabilities and resin development. Its CBD content ranges from 15-20% and its THC levels average about .25 percent. Feminized CBD Cherry is a great way to utilize amazing flavor while still being compliant with hemp farming requirements.

5 Pack of Seeds

1 review for Fruity Terpenes Marijuana Seed Bundle

  1. Jake B

    Super yummy strains that didn’t take long to flower. Will order again.

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