Is It Legal To Buy Cannabis Seeds Online Now?

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Learn in this guide the legalities of cannabis and cannabis seeds by state and country. 

Cannabis Legality Guide Contents:

  1. Marijuana Seeds Law
  2. Is it Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online In Any State?
  3. Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online In The UK?
  4. Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online In Europe?
  5. Are There Any Reputable Guides On Cannabis Laws In My State?
  6. Are There Any Reputable American Online Seed Banks?

Marijuana Seeds Law

According to the DEA, cannabis seeds haven’t been legalized until just recently. So, for those of you who have been ordering cannabis seeds online before knowing this information, yes, you have been breaking federal drug laws this entire time. 

However, thanks to hemp we might be off the hook. In response to an attorney inquiry, the DEA recently confirmed that seeds and other parts of the cannabis plant with less than 0.3 percent THC (the federal limit separating hemp and marijuana) have been legal since 2018’s Farm Bill ended federal hemp prohibition. Hemp and marijuana are the same plant with different THC amounts in their blooming flowers, but neither hemp nor marijuana seeds exceed the 0.3 percent THC limit, so there’s essentially no difference between them at such an early stage. The DEA also confirmed that had you been caught before hemp was legalized and that the resulting plants from said seeds are still quite illegal, so we’ve been lucky.

Cannabis remains a federally illegal substance in the United States. The plant’s seeds are also classified as cannabis, just like concentrate, flower, or edibles. As cannabis seeds are legal in certain states, seed banks operate within America’s borders.

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Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Any State?

As the nation’s cannabis laws state that the substance is federally illegal, it is technically against the law to buy, sell, or use cannabis anywhere in the country. Indeed, the federal government could arrest someone for consuming cannabis if they so choose because federal law supersedes state law.

However, a majority of states allow medical marijuana, and a growing number permit adult-use cannabis. At present, the United States government has shown no indication that it wishes to interfere with a state’s right to legalize marijuana.

The current situation means you can legally get a cannabis seed from a dispensary in states where recreational cannabis is legal. In medical marijuana states, you’ll need to possess a medical marijuana or MMJ card. Otherwise, you’re not allowed to purchase cannabis seeds.

Things are different online. It is illegal to transport cannabis seeds across state lines regardless of whether the plant is legal in both states. Therefore, you can only buy the seeds online if the seller is located within your state, and it is a location where adult-use marijuana is allowed.

Of course, you can take the risk of having your seeds confiscated by trying to order online anyway.

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online In The UK?

In the UK, it is entirely legal to buy cannabis seeds online. However, there is a catch—while you can buy the seeds online without breaking any rules, the act of actually germinating the seeds that you have purchased is illegal; the same is the case for people who have purchased cannabis seeds “with intent” for growing and germinating these seeds.

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online In Europe?

The rules surrounding the purchase of cannabis seeds online can vary throughout the different European countries. If you live in Europe, it is very important that you try to make sense of the many different rules before buying cannabis seeds online.

Germany, for example, is in a rather tricky position: cannabis seeds are not covered by the German Narcotics Act, however, the sale of cannabis seeds in the country is also illegal. The difference is that if you buy cannabis seeds online, you are actually operating on the right side of the law—provided that the seeds come from a country outside of Germany.

Spain, by contrast, is a great country for people looking to grow cannabis seeds. Cannabis seeds can be legally purchased online in the majority of Spanish regions and can be grown and germinated for personal use only.

Cannabis seeds can also be purchased legally online for people living in Italy, who are perfectly entitled to invest in seeds (due to the fact that they are considered to be cultivation equipment). However, these seeds cannot be legally germinated, and if it is suspected that your intention is to do so then you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

In the Netherlands, people are able to buy seeds under a special “tolerance policy”, although these seeds can only be germinated in small quantities for personal use. This is similar to how the French see the buying of cannabis seeds online; in France, seeds can be purchased online from other countries, so long as they are not shown in a favorable light and are not grown.

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Are There Any Reputable Guides On Cannabis Laws In My State?

There are so many sources of information on the web about marijuana laws and what’s changing state to state. We understand how daunting it can be to sit there and search for answers about cannabis legalities if you’re trying to cultivate in your own state. So, Best Bud Seeds has collected all our best knowledge of what is legal and illegal in your state of residence, as well as upcoming news on cannabis laws for your state. Is your state medical, recreational, or illegal?

Are There Any Reputable American Online Seed Banks?

Of course there is. You can find many online seed banks that are based in the US through a quick search on Instagram or Google that are reputable. However, if you’re looking for top notch genetics at a WAY lower price consider Best Bud Seeds. After all, our expert growers have access to some of the rarest and best strains out there to make our infamously unique strains. 

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