Top 5 SubReddits for Cannabis Growers

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Whether you regard yourself as a very experienced cannabis cultivator, or you’re just beginning your journey as a grower; gaining access to information about growing marijuana couldn’t be easier today. Accessible on mobile or desktop, Reddit is a massive information hub for anything about growing weed at home. Read on for more information about Best Bud Seeds favorite sub reddits.

Cannabis SubReddit Guide Contents

  1. R/Trees
  2. R/CannabisCultivation
  3. R/Microgrowery
  4. R/OutdoorGrowing
  5. R/CannabisExtracts
  6. Conclusion


For all things related to consuming and growing cannabis, look no further than the r/trees subreddit. This forum features a ton of super funny memes alongside photos of users’ packed bowls and joints that are sure to spark envy.

There is also a little bit of a rivalry between actual tree enthusiasts and this particular page. Because of the name, many aspiring arborists visit r/trees expecting to find out some information on maple trees, only to be met with…well, marijuana. There may or may not be lore involving r/trees and another subreddit that were bombarded with photos of normal everyday tress. But that isn’t here nor there. 

R/Trees is for the cannabis connoisseur that likes to kick back, have a laugh, and appreciate cannabis in its entirety.

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R/CannabisCultivation currently has 111,000 members from all across the globe. With this many cannabis-curious individuals in one place, you’re guaranteed to stumble across advanced information about cannabis, stunning cannabis photography, and top-tier memes for a light laugh. 

With highly impressive posts from seasoned cannabis growers, you’ll see a lot of new growers posting about their unhealthy plants, yellow leaves, wilting specimens, and diseased plants. Fortunately, this subreddit hops to the rescue when it comes to support as a cannabis cultivator. There are literally thousands of experienced growers who want to help you.

Join this community regardless of your experience level. If you like visiting this subreddit just for the awe inspiring macro shots of the gorgeous cannabis specimens, or you’re totally into the grow advice from expert redditors, this is the place for you to hang out. 


Micro growing opens up a whole new world of cannabis cultivation. This method allows cultivators all over the world to grow cannabis in stealthy ways. This subreddit displays inventive ways of growing small cannabis plants for maximum discretion. Despite their small size, growers still achieve respectable harvests. If you’re looking to set up a small and covert growing operation, you need to check out this feed and pick a thread that interests you.


Everyone likes a good outdoorsy project. Whether it’s a leisurely hobby or you consider yourself an advanced grower when it comes to cultivating cannabis, this is the subreddit for you.

Meet like-minded canna enthusiasts who will show you how to grow the best crops outdoors. You won’t need acres of special land or any heavy machinery, just some good outdoor strains as well as some patience. With a community of 17,000 members, you’ll get hot tips and tricks that will turn your miserable project into a rewarding growing experience that you can then impart onto others.


This extract-oriented subreddit is strictly dedicated to extracts. Thanks to a team of moderators that pay special attention to detail, you won’t see any sales pitches or spam-ish memes. Instead, as you scroll down the page, you’ll see some of the most delicious looking sheets of shatter, bowls full of budder, and other experimental recipes probably never attempted before.

Although you might feel out of your depth looking at some of these extract masterpieces, the community spirit is great. The vibe is high, and there are plenty of beginner posts asking for advice that you can learn from. If you’re already a pro, post your finest creations and earn a bunch of upvotes from this creative community.

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Reddit is an incredible place to learn about almost anything, but if you have a little guidance in the right direction you can find extremely reliable information that can help you become a better cannabis cultivator and make yourself an expert at it. Best Bud Seeds loves using reddit for information about how to better grow certain strains, there’s certainly nothing wrong with a little more education about cannabis cultivation. Are you ready to get started on growing a crop of your very own? Browse our cannabis seed catalog today. 

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