How to Identify the Best Cannabis Seeds

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Best Bud Seeds Tips to Identify the Best Cannabis Seeds

Best Bud Seeds wants to help our cannabis growing community in every aspect, so we thought it was important to share our best tips on how to identify a healthy cannabis seed, and all the smaller aspects in between such as feminized and non-feminized cannabis seed distinctions as well as shelf life. We’ve added every possible detail that can help determine which are the best seeds to work with before starting the germination process of your cannabis seeds.

Identify The Best Cannabis Seeds - Best Bud Seeds Online Cannabis Seed Bank


This excerpt is meant to educate cannabis growers on how the appearance of a healthy cannabis seed should look as well as common questions about a seed’s appearance and if some characteristics matter or not. If you want to learn more about the general appearance of cannabis seeds, this article explains what characteristics to look for in cannabis seeds and provides a very detailed breakdown.


While the sex of a cannabis seed can’t be determined by how much it weighs, or its density rather, it is still important to note that some strains have heavier seeds than others. There is still research being done about the correlation between seed weight and plant characteristics. But as of now, the weight of the cannabis seed doesn’t determine whether it’s good or bad before germination. Only testing the seeds by soaking them in water will tell you if they are good seeds or not. Some cannabis growers argue that the weight of the cannabis seed determines germination time because of the extra shell material that encases the seed, but other cannabis growers say that it doesn’t make a difference.


Most cannabis seeds are a rounded teardrop shape, some larger than others. It is important to note that underdeveloped seeds tend to be smaller in size and have an asymmetrical appearance.


Cracks in cannabis seeds typically mean that its shell has been weakened. Sometimes they have the ability to still germinate, but it is a sure-fire sign that the seeds were not properly handled which could lead to much larger problems later in the growing process.


Cannabis seeds tend to vary in color, but they are mostly shades of brown and black. These colors are completely normal. A lot of the time they will have stripes, almost like a watermelon. A key indicator of a healthy seed is a brown striped cannabis seed with a waxy coating, it will have a slight sheen to it when held up to a light. If a cannabis seed is a light green or white color, they are immature and will not germinate properly.

Feminized vs. Non Feminized Cannabis Seeds

While the feminization of a cannabis seed is a very important aspect to growing, there is no tell tale sign between feminized and non-feminized cannabis seeds in general appearance.

Shelf Life

Best Bud Seeds recommends seeds to be used within 2 years of purchase. There can be a loss of germination guarantee if cannabis seeds have sat for too long due to getting dehydrated in whichever climate the grower keeps their cannabis seeds in. They should be stored in a cool and dark room or cabinet to help their longevity.

Tips on Identifying Cannabis Seeds Fast

There are a couple of tests the cannabis grower can conduct to determine the quality. Below are our favorite methods at Best Bud Seeds:

The Float Test

  1. Even if you are not planning on germinating quite yet, you can submerge the cannabis seeds in purified water (distilled is recommended) to see if they sink or float to the bottom. If they sink, they are perfectly healthy cannabis seeds. If they float instantly that might mean it needs more time to soak up the water due to a thick shell. If they have not sunk to the bottom of your glass of water, then that means they will not sprout and are to be thrown away.

The Squeeze Test

  • If you lightly squeeze a cannabis seed and it doesn’t break, it’s a good sign that it will germinate just fine. If it crumbles after light pressure from your fingers, that is usually a sign that they are weak and will not germinate. Also, if they are crinkled or cracked before lightly squeezing them – they will not survive the germination process.


The sex of the plant and what strain the cannabis seeds are cannot be determined by just looking at them or soaking them, but our tips are here to help you identify the health of the seed before starting to grow them. For absolute reliability on strain type when you order seeds, consider ordering from Best Bud Seeds online seedbank for the best quality of cannabis seeds on the market with a high germination guarantee so you don’t have to guess on whether or not you have good seeds in your hands.