New US-Based Online Seed Bank, Best Bud Seeds, Launches

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Today, Best Bud Seeds is pleased to announce the launch of its own seedbank. Best Bud Seeds is a successful cannabis seeds distributor operating worldwide. In business since the fall of 2021, Best Bud Seeds has opened shop with over 20+ varieties of cannabis seeds ranging from medical grade to exclusive cross strains. With decades of experience, as well as connections to some of the most experienced growers in the United States, Best Bud Seeds is branching out into cannabis breeding and seed production.

Best Bud Seeds has been working closely with notable Colorado breeders to create an exclusive line of cannabis seeds, which is characterized by stable, fool-proof genetics optimized for growers of all skill levels. Included in this release are feminized and auto flowering strains curated to be the perfect combination of potency, favorable effects, and relative ease of growth.

All of Best Bud Seeds’ cannabis seeds are presented in sustainable packaging intended for reuse or recycling. Best Bud Seeds’ decision to start its own seed bank was motivated by a desire to provide growers with excellent genetics at a competitive price. Best Bud Seeds is dedicated to providing a wide collection of quality cannabis seeds to cannabis cultivators around the globe with excellent customer service and competitive pricing you won’t find anywhere else on the web.

About Best Bud Seeds: Best Bud Seeds may be a newer company but has been active in the cannabis industry for the last (…) years. Best Bud Seeds is more than just an online seedbank retailer, as we have expanded into blogging about all thing’s cannabis cultivation, culture, and consumption to make our customers feel like they are purchasing cannabis seeds from experts who care about their cultivation endeavors. Best Bud Seeds will continue to be a trailblazer in the cannabis community with this exciting new venture into self-produced seeds.

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