Purchasing Cannabis Seeds & Clones – Planning Your First Indoor Cannabis Grow Series

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Planning Your First Indoor Cannabis Grow – Part 3

Best Bud Seeds shares our best knowledge of how to plan your first indoor grow in this blog series. In this feature, we focus our attention on how to select the right kinds of seeds and clones for your first indoor grow experience. Best Bud Seeds also provides great resources for germination if you choose to start from seeds, or taking care of a clone to ensure the proper growth and flowering from a premade seedling. Our expert growing partners have been involved in writing this process to ensure you get the best advice moving forward with your first indoor grow.

Purchasing Cannabis Seeds & Clones – How to Choose

indoor cannabis seeds planning your first indoor grow series

Here are Best Bud Seeds steps and advice to choose between purchasing seeds & clones, and great resources and expert knowledge to help your choice in choosing.

  1. Consider the variables of why seeds might be better than clones for your first indoor grow.
    • Clones may be a better choice for the more experienced marijuana grower, and Best Bud Seeds recommends starting off with seeds for your first indoor grow. It takes almost the same amount of time starting seeds from germination than it does to get a clone to start showing signs of vegetative growth. Also, starting from seeds open up your choices of strains if you so choose to grow a newer cross-bred strain that provides plant characteristics that you’re interested in such as flavor, aroma, or THC/CBD percentage. 
  2. Consider what types of strains you might want to grow your first time.
    • Have you thought about whether you have enough room for the bushy Indica dominant plants, or the tall and skinnier Sativa-dominant plants available? Or have you considered whether or not you’d like to choose a photo period or auto-flowering strain type? There are many choices in strains to consider such as size, THC and other cannabinoid percentage, aroma, flavor, difficulty of growing, best climate conditions, etc. Best Bud Seeds recommends going through our online catalog of seeds and reading thoroughly through each strain description for a better understanding of what to consider when choosing seeds.
  3. Consider your seeds and clone resources.
    • There are thousands of resources available to choose from when purchasing seeds and clones, but don’t be fooled by the legitimacy of online companies unless you have read through reviews and done research on credibility. It’s best to choose an online seed bank that delivers from the United States, has discreet shipping, and has lab tested each and every seed batch. 
  4. Purchase your soon to be cannabis plants.
    • Our experts at Best Bud Seeds recommend making a list of the strains that you would like to grow, along with their pros and cons to help choose which strains you’d like to buy and how many seeds or clones you will need for your first grow. We also recommend going through our list of geographic guide to cannabis seeds to consider the cannabis growing laws by state so that you can have a better estimate of how many plants you can legally cultivate in your state. After you’ve considered the legalities and strain types you’d like to purchase, you can go ahead and order your new seeds & clones! 

How to Select & Germinate Cannabis Seeds

indoor cannabis seeds in soil

Selecting the right kind of seeds for your first indoor grow is completely subjective to you and your research, and what kind of strains you’re interested in. The main rules of thumb that we recommend going by is Strain Type (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid as this determines the size of your plants which is important), Climate Requirements, and Quantity. Also, a tip from us at Best Bud Seeds is to choose an auto-flowering type of strain that cuts a lot of the work of photoperiod strains which will make your first indoor grow almost hassle free. We also recommend checking out our guide on how to identify good vs. bad seeds

So, what is Germination? Germination of cannabis seeds is the process of starting a seed and turning it into a sprout, which will eventually grow into a full-sized cannabis plant. The main advantage of using seeds over clones is the lack of diseases and pests it may carry unknowingly. Growing cannabis from a seed eliminates the possibility of larger problems that could ruin an entire crop that is pre-existing, or a new cannabis crop that could ruin the entire growing environment area. Here is a link to our very own germination guide that takes you step by step on how to germinate your seeds yourself.

How to Select Cannabis Clones & What States Cannabis Clones Are Available In

bad marijuana clone versus good marijuana clone
What a bad clone looks like vs. what a good clone looks like.

Selecting clones via the internet is a very risky move, considering legitimacy. If you want to take the route of choosing clones over seeds for your first indoor grow, it is better to buy them in person to inspect the condition that they are in (do they have pests or visible infection from disease?) and to also take less of a risk of damage via shipping. Clones are available for purchase in every state that is legalized to grow marijuana, and mostly available at dispensaries that are legally allowed to carry them. 

Next Step: Nutrients & Supplies

Now that you have selected whether or not you’d like to start your first indoor grow from seeds or clones, and have determined what is best for you as a first time grower and accommodating your dedicated grow space it’s time to think about the types of nutrients and grow supplies that come with keeping your cannabis plants healthy and strong.